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The 1939 Register

I was recently sent a code to unlock a household record for free from the newly released 1939 Register at Find My Past. I would love to explore the 1939 Register but the cost of accessing the records has put me off. I understand that people invest a lot of money in digitising records and need to make money but I just don’t have any spare money for accessing these kinds of records at the moment.

Anyway, thanks to my free credit I was able to access one record. But which record to choose? I opted for my paternal grandparents as 1939 was the year before my father, their only child, was born. I knew they moved to Swindon at some point around this time so was interested to see where they were living.

I searched for my paternal grandmother – Viola M Young. Her first name is quite unusual so she was easy to find and according to the site was living with her husband – Henry H Young in Southampton. I used my code to see the relevant page of the 1939 Register.

the 1939 Register

They were living at 170 The Broadway, Portswood Road, Southampton. As well as their dates of birth, the fact they were married, the 1939 Register gives their occupations. My paternal grandfather was Manager, Wine, Spirit and Beer Retailer. This record has been transcribed as Retired, but I think it says Retailer so have submitted a request to amend their record.

My grandmother has her occupation listed as Unpaid domestic duties.

It was really interesting to find this record but I don’t think it was worth the money that Find My Past are currently charging to access the records. Hopefully they will become cheaper and I will be able to use it soon.


A trip to Southampton

Back in 2005 we also visited Southampton to re-visit some addresses where my ancestors had lived.

Angelsea Road, SouthamptonAddress of William St Clair Cole and his three children (Robert, Gertrude and Rita) living at 8 Anglesea Road, Southampton.


Norham Avenue, Southampton

Address of George Duncan and his three children (Ruth, Courtney and Julia) at the time of the 1901 census – 9 Norham Avenue, Shirley, Southampton.

Cole, William St Clair (1853-1924)

I was so excited that someone found my blog searching for William St Clair Cole. I think this is a really unusual name and is one of my ancestors so I was quite sad that they didn’t leave a comment. I thought I would add a post about him in case they come back!

William St Clair Cole was born in 1853 in Cape Town, the Cape of Good Hope, South Africa. His parents were Robert Cole, a Clerk in Holy Orders and Charlotte Cole.

Married Blanche Elizabeth Young on the 23 December 1880 at the Parish Church, Fareham, Southampton.

1881 census: Bank Clerk, 5 Peninsular Terrace, Southampton St Mary

1883 son Robert Mansel S Cole born

1887 daughter Gertrude Cole born

1891 census: 37 Osborn Road, St Denys, Southampton

1892 married Maria Mary Brown, in Paddington, London

1894 daughter Rita St Clair Cole born

1901 census: 8 Anglesea Road, Shirley, Southampton

1902 Kelly’s Directory lists him at 260 Shirley Road, Southampton

1911 census: Bank Clerk, 21 Beach Grove, Liscard, Chesire (wife listed as mentally affected)

Died 1924, Birkenhead, Cheshire


Could possible check The London Probate Registry to see if he left a will?


Duncan, George (1837-1903?)

One of the interesting characters in my family was George Duncan, originally from Canada, born 24 October 1837. Between 1862(?)-1866 he attended McGill College, Montreal where he graduated in 1866 with a MD [Medicinae Doctor(Doctor of Medicine)].

At some point he moved to the UK as on the 05/02/1867 he received the College Licentiateship from The Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh then had a career in the Army as 1/10/1867 Assistant Surgeon on the Staff of the Army Medical Department, 6/1/1877 Placed on half pay (temporary reserve) and 6/7/1878 reserve.

On the 1871 Census he can be found at 13 Alfred Place, St Giles, London, age 30, lodger, unmarried, Staff Assistant Surgeon Army Medical Department, Graduate McGill College, Canada, and Licentiate Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons, Edinburgh.

1871 The Medical Register
registered 1867 Feb 9
residence Montreal, Canada

1875 The Medical Register
registered 1867 Feb 9
residence Staff Assistant Surgeon, Army

Around 1878 or 1879 he got married to Ada Young and they went on to have three children.

1879 The Medical Register
registered 1867 Feb 9
residence Fareham, Hants

On the 1881 Census he is living at 4 Cleopatra Terrace, Portsea
age 38, born Montreal, Canada, occupation Licentiate Royal College Of P & L Edinburgh, Physician& Surgeon.

1883 The Medical Register
registered 1867 Feb 9
residence Landport, Portsmouth, Hants

1887 The Medical Register
registered 1867 Feb 9
residence Landport, Portsmouth, Hants

1891 The Medical Register
registered 1867 Feb 9
residence Landport, Portsmouth, Hants

On the 1891 Census he is at 153 Sultan Road, Portsea, age 49, occupation Physician and Surgeon, neither employed nor unemployed.

He is listed in the 1898 The Medical Directory at 104 Kingston Road, Portsmouth
M.D., C.M., McGill, 1866, LRCP Edin., LRCS Edin., 1867, late Surg. Army

1899 The Medical Register
registered 1867 Feb 9
residence Landport, Portsmouth, Hants.

On the 1901 Census he is at 9 Norham Avenue, Shirley, Southampton, age 62, widow, Physician and Surgeon, working on own account.

He is not listed in 1903 or later Register

Date or place of death not known