Iscoed House, Ferryside

Iscoed House was built for my 4xGreat Grandfather, Sir William Mansel, 9th Baronet.

Iscoed House, Ferryside

Sir William married Mary Phillips on the 26th August 1765 at the local church, St Ishmael.

According to Wikipedia, the house was “Constructed for Sir William Mansel in 1772, it was purchased by the Napoleonic general Sir Thomas Picton as an incomplete shell in 1812. The house remained the property of the Picton family until the end of the First World War. Used subsequently as council housing, it has been empty since the 1950s, and is now a derelict shell. The house is Grade II listed.”

If the house was built in 1772 I wonder where Sir William and Lady Mary lived from the time of their marriage in 1765? If the house was not finished when they sold it in 1812, then did they live in part of the house and what parts remained unfinished?

They had at least 7 children so would have needed a large property and I’m not aware of any other large houses in Iscoed at this time.

Also according to Wikipedia, “Pevsner considers Iscoed “one of the most important Georgian mansions of the county.” Of three storeys and five bays, the main house is cuboid, with wings extending to each side.

..According to a page on the National Library of Wales, “Iscoed was inherited by his grandfather Richard Mansel, son of Sir Francis Mansel, 1st Bart., through his marriage to Catherine Morgan, daughter of Rees Morgan of Iscoed. The family continued to live at Iscoed until Sir John Bell William Mansel (1806-1883), 11th Bart., sold the mansion of Iscoed, Iscoed (Old), and two other farms to General Sir Thomas Picton for £30,000.” Since Sir Thomas Picton died in 1815 there must be an error with the dates. [source]

It seems that there had been a connection with Iscoed for some time, Sir Richard Mansel 5th Baronet; Sir Richard Mansel 6th Baronet; Sir William Mansel 7th Baronet; Sir Richard Mansel 8th Baronet and Sir William Mansel 9th Baronet all had lived at Iscoed so there must have been a previous house, perhaps on the same site. Sir Richard Mansel 8th Baronet and Sir William Mansel 9th Baronet also kept a house at Woodstone in Cork, Ireland which it seems Sir William Mansel 10th Baronet left for after he sold Iscoed.

I have been unable to find out anything about Woodstone in County Cork, Ireland so this is something I will keep researching.

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