Portsmouth Dockyard employees

My great-grandfather worked at Portsmouth Dockyard around 1911 according to the 1911 census. I thought it would be interesting to see if I could find out more information about his occupation.

The Portsmouth Royal Dockyard Historical Trust hold the original Dockyard Registers of Employment (Rate Books) which contain details of all employees who worked in the Dockyard itself, or in one of the other Admiralty Establishments in the Portsmouth area, during the period from the mid-19th century until the mid-20th century.

You can request a search of these records on your behalf. Here are the details I submitted:

  • Surname of Dockyard Employee that you are researching
  • First name of Employee Mansel
  • Relationship to Enquirer Great-grand father
  • Approximate year of birth 1854/1855
  • Occupation or Trade Dockyard Labourer, Naval Store
  • Approximate date or dates in Dockyard 1911 (from census
  • record)


Unfortunately they didn’t have a record of his service. The index is still in progress, so he may appear at some time. Currently there are about 120,000 names in this index so it is definitely worth an email.


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  1. Madeline Sweasey

    After many years of searching for relatives record I have followed advice on your website and they have found employee records for me.
    Thanks a lot!

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