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Tracing ancestors from British India

Everytime I hear anything about British India, like when I posted about a recent press release the other day, it reminds me that I want to research some objects in my possession.

I inherited this locket from my paternal Grandmother. It features an Indian god on the front, the back is plain. Inside are two locks of hair behind glass. It measures about 4cm in height and doesn’t bear any hallmarks.

indian locket

I prised it open when I was much younger in the hope there would be a secret note stored behind the locks of hair, but there was nothing, except some re-used card.

I have absolutely no information about the locket, no way of dating it or knowing who it belonged to.

I also have an unusual coin.

half rupee coin

It’s a half rupee coin issued in 1840 by the East India Company.

Both of these items suggest I have an ancestor who visited India. But I’m unsure where to start….