List of Alien Passengers {Rita St Clair Cole}

The last document I wanted to share (going through recent finds) was a really interesting one I found recently. It shows a distant relation, Rita St Clair Cole who voyaged on a ship  (part  of  the  Allan  line)  to  Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada in October 1914.passenger lists

Unfortunately I can’t read much of the information apart from her name, that she was 22 years old and single.

I can’t read her occupation (possibly Housekeeper), her last permanent residence, name and address of nearest relative or final destination.

Thorpe and Tiffin marriage certificate

Continuing with blogging about all the records I found recently …..

I came across a marriage certificate for Alfred James Thorpe and Emma Elizabeth Tiffin. They were married at St Philip’s Church in Stepney, London on June 13th 1897. His occupation was Bus Driver.

His father, Alfred Thorpe was a Cigar Maker. Her father William Tiffin was a Carman. I had to look up that occupation as I wasn’t familiar with it, but it looks like he was employed to drive horse-drawn vehicles for transporting goods.

Tiffin Thorpe marriage certificate

More results from the 1939 Register

Following on from yesterday’s post, here are some of my family living on the south coast at the time of the 1939 Register.

My other grandparents were living at 170 Portswood Road, Southampton. My grandfather was the Manager of a Wine, Beer and Spirits shop which they lived above.

1939 Register

My paternal great grandparents were living at ‘Aloma’ on Castleman’s Lane, Hayling Island. He was a retired Tinsmith.

Benger 1939 Register

My Homeyer relatives were living in Cardiff. Brother and sister, Charles and Adelaide, lived at 23 Treharris Street. He worked as a Clerk for the Local Authority Education Department.

1939 Register Homeyer

Musings on the 1939 Register

I seem to have collected a lot of information which I haven’t got round to using or putting in the proper place. Any one else or just me who has piles and piles of notes?

With thought of the 75th anniversary of VE Day I thought I would share some of my recent finds from the 1939 Register. This is a great source of information and I love tracking down family to see where they were.

In 1939 my grandparents were living in Badgeworth Road, Gloucester. My grandfather was an aircraft fitter and my grandmother undertaking unpaid domestic duties.


Over in Swindon I found my great-grandmother, along with two of her grown up and married children, living at 1 Whiteman Street. Her two daughters both worked in the Stemming Department at Wills Tobacco Factory.

I’m not sure why I didn’t track down other members of the family. I will have to add that to my to do list.

Celebrating VE Day in Swindon in 1945

The children wanted to learn a little more about VE Day in 1945. Of course we turned to my mum who was born during the Second World War. She remembered that school was closed that day and there was a huge street party all along their street in Swindon (Whiteman Street in Gorse Hill). I dug out some photos from 8th May 1945.

My Nan was amazing at whipping up new outfits and made a Little Bo Peep outfit for my mum.

1945 VE Day costume

Whilst my Auntie went to her VE Day party as Daddy Down Dilly.

VE Day outfit

I also found this photo of my Nan holding my Auntie, sitting between one of her sisters and her own Mother. It looks like there were a lot of sandwiches and cups of teas back in 1945.

VE Day street party Swindon

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