Week 1 update

It’s been a week since I wrote my post about my problems with Ancestry. Last night my husband asked how I was getting in with my task and he was surprised I was only on to the letter B (Aldridge, Amor, Bate, Bell, Benger, Brett, Brooke and Bull).

It is a tedious task downloading all my records one by one. For some reason I did pick another letter to break up the monotony, but it was a bit confusing, so I went back to working my way through the list alphabetically.

I am trying to only download existing records but it is very hard impossible to do this. My eye sees the suggested hints from Ancestry and before you know it, I have lost another half an hour exploring possible records. I have already found several people that need further investigation, and especially loved re-discovering the fact that one ancestor worked on the Royal yacht. This is a useful task because I am re-discovering facts I had forgotten and it is also reminding me that there is so much to learn and explore. It is easy to be hyper focussed on one or two ancestors but there is so much work to be done and it is fun and interesting hobby.

Unfortunately I have added a handful of people to my family tree but I will have to download an up to date list of people when I have finished my task. Then I can go back and add them and their documents. The task has also made me realise that I waste a lot of time researching the same things over and over again, not sure how I can solve this but I think some type of research log would be useful.

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