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Using the new Find A Will online service

Yesterday I was reading about the new Find A Will online service which replaces the old Probate Office in Holborn. I visited the old place a few times and enjoyed looking through their old record books, finding relevant records and ordering copies to take home and add to my own records.

I’ve been meaning to go back for a while so was pretty pleased to hear about the new online service which I tried out this evening.

The service is still in beta and has a surprisingly basic search – just surname and date. You can search for Wills and Probate 1996 to present,  Wills and Probate 1858 – 1996 and Soldier’s Wills.

If there are any results you can look at the original page which features a short summary – name, amount of estate, enough information to help you identify them as the person you are looking for  and the name of the Executor. You can also look at the entries either side of your result as well as the previous or next year.

I’ve only spent about an hour using the site but so far found 1 result for George Caswell, a distant relative through my paternal great-grandfather. I’m tempted to order a copy of the Will even though I already know he left his estate, which was under £800, to his only daughter Selina Cleopatra Anne Caswell.

Notes on executor’s application for money owed by the Royal Navy

My family history research has been quite quiet lately, real life takes precedence at the moment.

A couple of weeks ago I noticed there was free access of Ancestry which always makes me spend a little time searching for any useful information. As is often the case I didn’t find any new leads but I somehow ended up on the TNA website where I found a couple of possible records for Matthew Young:

ADM 45/34/477 (available to purchase)
Number: 477 Matthew Young, Commander Royal Navy, who died: 1 September 1855. Notes on executor’s application for money owed by the Royal Navy.

ADM 9/8/2650 (not digitised)
Name: Matthew Young; Rank: Lieutenant; Date of Seniority: 13 Feb 1806.

ADM 6/242/6 (not digitised)
Greenwich out-pensioners applying for admission into Greenwich Hospital as in-pensioners (after service in the Royal Navy, Royal Marines or the Naval Dockyards)
1835 February 5

I purchased the first record as it was the only one available in digital format. There wasn’t much information on it but as above, it is Notes on executor’s application for money owed by the Royal Navy.

Matthew Young died on 10th September 1855. On the 24th September 1855 a claim was made by Charlotte Young, of Dunmore East, Killea, County of Waterford who was the Executress of his estate.

Apparently he had a will dated 2nd June 1854, it would be really interesting to get hold of this.

I’m not really sure what the outcome of this document means, there are a few dates on the form but they are pretty meaningless to me.

George Caswell – Will, Part II

On the 6th day of December 1875, Letters of Administration, with the Will annexed, of the personal Estate of George Caswell late of Upcross South Stoneham in the County of Southampton a retired Captain in Her Majesty’s Royal Navy deceased, who died on the 7th day of October 1875 at Upcross aforesaid were granted at the Principal Registry of the Probate Division of the High Court of Justice to Selina Cleopatra Anne Caswell of Upcross aforesaid Spinster the Daughter of the said Deceased the residuary Legatee named in the said Will, she having been first sworn duly to administer. Duncan Pringle Burnett the sole Executor named in the said Will having died in the lifetime of the said deceased.

Effects under £800

No households

How useful are Wills?

I have a feeling that Wills are really useful. A couple of years ago I spent some time  at The London Probate Registry looking up a list of relatives to see if they had left a Will. It was a really interesting experience but I had a really small success rate. I’ve also spent some time using TNA’s online pre-1858 records catalogue, where I’ve had the same success rate. I’m not sure if I’ve been searching correctly or more likely, my relatives didn’t have money or property to leave. Either way I thought I would transcribe a few of the Wills I have as they are pretty useless in their original state. It’s taken a while as the handwriting is terrible!

In the Name of God, Amen.

I, George Caswell, Commander in the Royal Navy, being in bodily health and of sound and disposing mind and in xxx and xxx the perils and dangers of the seas and other uncertainties of this transitory life do, for xxx xxx after my xxx xxx publish and xxx, this my last will and testament in manner following, that is to say, First I recommend my Soul to God that gave it and my body I commit to the Earth or Sea as it shall please God to xxx and as for any xxx all my worldly estate I give bequeath and dispose thereof  as followeth that is to say after payment of my just debts funeral x x x testamentary expenses all such wages sum and sums of money, lands, tenements, goods, chattels and estate whatsoever as shall be xxx but owing or belonging unto me at the time of my decease & to give xxx and bequeath the same unto my dear daughter Selina Cleopatra Anne Caswell and I do hereby nominate and appoint Mr xxx Pringle Burnett of Surrey Street, Strand, London, Navy Agent, Executor of this my last will and testament hereby revoking  all former and other wills testaments and deeds of gifts by me at any time herefore made and I do ordain and ratify those present to stand and be for  and as my only last will and testament xxx witness whatof to this my said will – I have set my hand and seal, the eighteenth day of July in the year of our Lord one thousand eight hundred and sixty and in the xxx twenty fourth year of the reign of Our Sovereign Lady Victoria by the Glory of God of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, Queen Defender of the Faith and so forth – George Caswell x Signed sealed published and declared by the testator the said George Caswell in the presence of us present at the same time who in his presence and in the presence of each other have submitted our names as witnesses – W. B. Pike Geo. Nye

On the 6th December 1875  xxx with the Will annexed of the personal estate of George Caswell late of Upton South Stoneham in the County of Southampton, retired Captain in Her Majesty’s Royal Navy deceased who died 7th October 1874 at xxx aforesaid was granted to Selina Cleopatra Anne Caswell, Spinster, the daughter the xxx legatee xxx having been first sworn xxx Pringle Burnett the sole Executor named the said Will having died in the lifetime of the testator.