Using the new Find A Will online service

Yesterday I was reading about the new Find A Will online service which replaces the old Probate Office in Holborn. I visited the old place a few times and enjoyed looking through their old record books, finding relevant records and ordering copies to take home and add to my own records.

I’ve been meaning to go back for a while so was pretty pleased to hear about the new online service which I tried out this evening.

The service is still in beta and has a surprisingly basic search – just surname and date. You can search for Wills and Probate 1996 to present,  Wills and Probate 1858 – 1996 and Soldier’s Wills.

If there are any results you can look at the original page which features a short summary – name, amount of estate, enough information to help you identify them as the person you are looking for  and the name of the Executor. You can also look at the entries either side of your result as well as the previous or next year.

I’ve only spent about an hour using the site but so far found 1 result for George Caswell, a distant relative through my paternal great-grandfather. I’m tempted to order a copy of the Will even though I already know he left his estate, which was under £800, to his only daughter Selina Cleopatra Anne Caswell.

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