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Week 4 update

How is it Week 4 already? The weeks are flying by and I’m completely sidetracked as usual thanks to Find My Past. As well as the discovery of my grandfather’s First World Service I discovered that the site has some great parish records. I discovered the Catholic baptisms of my grandfather and his older brother at St John’s Cathedral in Portsmouth. The entries were in Latin!

I was hoping to find an entry for their parents’ marriage so trawled the marriage register for St John’s Cathedral from 1890-1896 but didn’t find any entries. So that remains a mystery for now. I’m pretty sure they must have married between the 1891 census and their first child was born in May 1896 so they must have married before September 1895.

I tried to cancel my Find My Past subscription before they charged me £183 and they extended my access for 3 days. So far I have found some new to me burial entries in Portsmouth cemeteries, hopefully I will find a few more facts before my access runs out.

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