Positive 2012 Geneameme

Jill Ball alias Geniaus has issued a challenge to other bloggers so we can share the positive results of our genealogical activities in 2012. I thought I would give it a go:

1.  An elusive ancestor I found was Catherine Young (nee Carroll). She’s always been really difficult to trace in records but I finally found her death record. Now to find her birth and marriage records!

2.  A precious family photo I found is one my mum sent me of my maternal Grandmother (Kathleen Hacker) which I’d never seen before.

3.  An ancestor’s grave I found…not a grave so much but information about the death of a great great uncle Charles Hunt (see below).

4.  An important vital record I found was the newspaper report into the death of Charles Hunt on the 7th December 1899 who was “accidentally shot by a pistol”.

5.  A newly found family member who shared her knowledge with me was Jane Bate, we are distantly related through my great-grandfathers’ sister, Ada Selina Harriet Young.

6.  A geneasurprise I received was winning a place on a 10 week creative writing course for family history which was brilliant!

7.   My 2012 blog post that I was particularly proud of was this one, written about my maternal grandfather’s diary and his relationship with my grandmother.

8.   My 2012 blog post that received a large number of hits or comments is the one about the Landport Drapery Bazaar in Portsmouth.

9.  A new piece of software I mastered was nothing I’m afraid!

10. A social media tool I enjoyed using for genealogy was Google +
11. A genealogy conference/seminar/webinar from which I learnt something new was the Creative Writing course I attended (virtually!).

12. I am proud of the presentations – not me

13. A journal/magazine article I had published was – not me

14. I taught a friend how to use – not me

15. A genealogy book that taught me something new was the ones I read for my Creative Writing course.

16. A great repository/archive/library I visited was … it’s been a long time since I’ve visited anything but I found the Local Studies Library at the Wiltshire Record Office incredibly helpful via email.

17. A new genealogy/history book I enjoyed was … see 15.

18. It was exciting to finally meet so many … not me.

19. A geneadventure I enjoyed was my online course, it really re-ignited my passion for family history.

20. Another positive I would like to share is I received an annual worldwide membership of Ancestry for Christmas so I’m hoping to make some big discoveries this year!



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