Wedding Wednesday

I’m going to start a new weekly feature called Wedding Wednesday. Like many family historians I have lots of wedding photographs so this will be a great opportunity to feature some of my photographs and a bit about the people in them.

Alfred Hacker wedding

It’s a poor scan but it shows the wedding of one of my grandmother’s brothers where she was a bridesmaid (centre, above the bride) along with two of her sisters. I only have a couple of photographs when she was young so this is a very special photograph.

4 responses to “Wedding Wednesday

  1. Lovely idea.

    If you double-click on this photo, it enlarges and seems clearer.

    All 8 adult Hacker children are on this photo.

  2. The scan isn’t too bad – you can still see the people’s faces relatively clearly. What a great picture to have!

  3. Debs Donkersley

    My Nan and Grandad.

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