Mansel, Thomas

Thomas Mansel entered the Navy, in 1798, as Fst.-cl. Vol., on board the HYAENA 24, Capts. Hon. Courtenay Boyle and David Lloyd, stationed at first in the North Sea and afterwards in the Mediterranean. Removing as Midshipman, in 1800, to the ELEPHANT 74, Capts. Thomas Foley and George Dundas, he served in that ship under Lord Nelson at the battle of Copenhagen 2 April, 1801, and on proceeding to the West Indies took part in the operations of 1803 against the French at St. Domingo. Between the summer of 1804, on 16 Sept. in which year he was confirmed a Lieutenant, and the date of his promotion to the rank of Commander, 15 June, 1814, we find him serving, in every quarter of the globe, in the PORTMAHON sloop, Capt. Sam. Chambers, BARRACOUTA schooner, commanded by himself, RACOON 18, capt. Edward Crofton, AVON 18, Capt. Mauritius Adolphus Newton De Starck, DREADNOUGHT 98, Capt. Wm. Lechmere,VOLONTAIRE 38, Capt. Chas. Bullen, HIBERNIA 110, Capt. R.J.Neve, TROUBRIDGE armed ship, under his own orders, DRAGON 74,bearing the flag of Sir Fras. Laforey, and BARHAM 74, Capt.John Wm. Spranger. He was wounded, during that period, in the boats of the RACOON at the recapture of a merchant vessel off Cuba – was present in the AVON (after having escorted a Russian ship of the line to the Baltic, and Mr. Erskine, H. M. Minister, to the United States) in a gallant escape made by that vessel from the French 74-gun ship Regulus – aided, when in the VOLONTAIRE, in conveying the present King of the French to Malta, as also in capturing the island of Pomegue, near Marseilles, and in destroying Fort Rioux, mounting 14 guns, near Cape Croisette- and commanded the TROUBRIDGE at the reduction of the Isle of France. His last appointment was 13 April, 1831, to the Coast Guard, in which service he continued until posted 12 Feb. 1834.
[British Naval Biographical Dictionary, 1849]

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