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Coastguards of Ireland 1850s

I have a few ancestors who were in the Royal Navy, and joined the Coastguard towards the end of their careers. Perhaps this kind of job was more compatible to family life?

My grand father was called Henry Harper and I was always intrigued what inspired this name. Sometimes a mothers maiden name was used as a middle name and I thought this might be the case.

Coastguards of Ireland 1850s

However I recently came across a Henry Harper who was a coastguard in Ireland in the 1850’s and he is connected to a branch of my family via his second wife, Julia Young, who he married on 5th February 1850. Julia Young was the daughter of Matthew Young, Commander RN. At the time Julia young was living in Dunmore.

Henry Harper was the Chief Officer at Ballymacaw Coastguard Station from 1848-1850. Henry died 16th Jan 1870 at Heath Mount, Castletown, Co Cork, a Staff Commander RN, aged 56 (buried at St Andrews Dunmore East).  Julia died 23rd May 1877 at Toureen Terrace, Passage West, County Cork aged 63.

This makes Henry Harper the great-uncle (step-uncle?) of Henry Harper Young. As he was only born in 1895 it seems strange that he was possibly named after him. Perhaps he met his father Mansel Young who was born around 1855 and made a big impression on him?