Thomas Hacker

I found an intriguing photograph of Thomas Hacker and description on Flickr from Swindon Local Studies Library.
c1900: Thomas Hacker, 10 Merton Street, Swindon (1835-1904)

According to the description:
Thomas Hacker was born 1835 at Broad Hinton. He was one of nine children of Benjamin & Elizabeth Hacker. The 1881 census records him as being a Master Bread Maker living at 10 Merton Street. Thomas was one of the early christians of the Assembly group at King Street Hall, Swindon who faced oppostion. He considered it an honour to be persecuted for his witness for the Lord. He framed his police court summons and it was an exhibit in his home to the end of his days. In 1889, as one of the twelve brethren with their families they began meeting together at Merton Hall, Merton Street. At some point in the 1890’s Thomas greived by unhappy past events decided to leave Swindon. He sold his business as baker and corn-merchant, also his business premises including the Hall where the believers met, and took up farming. After a period of time he returned to Swindon much broken in health. He had a marvellous escape from death when a horse he was driving in a trap, bolted. He lost grip of the reins, and in trying to recover these, he overbalanced and fell at the horse’s heels; the wheels of the trap passed over his head and scalped him.. Through the Lord’s mercy, he made good recovery, althought not regaining robust health. He was able to see the moving of the group from Merton Street Hall to Regent Hall in 1899 take place as result of increasing numbers in the Fellowship. He died on 30th October 1904 and was buried in Radnor Street Cemetery. A scroll covering a lowly cairn of stones read: “Thomas Hacker, Born 1834, Born again 1854, Fell Asleep 1904. Waiting ‘Till he come’.”

His name and connection to Broad Hinton mean he must be part of our family tree but I can’t quite find where he belongs at the moment.

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  1. Hi Jenny,
    I have just been doing some research using and found Angela Eveilda Bate, daughter of Julia Duncan and Claude Lindesay Bate had been married twice. First to Malcolm John Luxmore Duff (in and then married Robert W Milne in 1965. They went to South America, either Argentina or Brazil, to do something with horses. I know this person is a distant relative of yours. Have you looked at the Mansel side of your family tree. (Selina Elizabeth Courtney Mansel married to Alfred Young) If you go back to Edward Mansel 1530, he married Lady Jane Somerset. She is your great grandmother eleven times removed. If you follow her line you will find you are related to Royalty, Edward 1,2 @3 and more. I hope this is of use to you. How are you getting on with your research on the Young side of the family in Ireland?

  2. This blog is related to Ada Selina Harriet Young daughter of Alfred Young and Selina Elizabeth Courtenay Mansel.

  3. Found this almost by accident. Thomas Hacker was my grandfather but I did not know much about him, so I now know a lot more. My father was Herbert George Hacker and I am looking for anything about Arthur Hacker who was my Uncle and was, I believe, killed during WWI. Any information about the Hacker family would be welcome,

  4. I have recently found a photo (in a collection of postcards) of a Miss L A Hacker taken December 1917. she is shown as being 9 years 2 months. I think it may be a post card from the UK but not sure. I am registered with and have tried all sorts of searches with no result. I am sure a family may want this – if I knew to whom she was related. If you have any ideas I would be happy to forward it to them

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