Pension request for Commander Matthew Young

Years ago I ordered a record from TNA regarding Commander Matthew Young. Whilst looking through it properly it helped me fill in some names on my family tree.

The record is from ADM 45/34 Navy Board, and Admiralty, Accountant General’s Department: Officers’ and Civilians’ Effects Papers and I think relates to an application for a widow’s pension. The details are as follows:

Claim received at the Admiralty: 24 September 1855

Amount reported due, and for what: Half Pay. Will dated 2 June 1854.

Officers, Pensioners’ and Civilians’ Register: Numbers 9/477 Letter Y

Name of the Deceased: Commander Matthew Young

Name and Address of the Claimant: Mrs Charlotte Young – Executress, Dunmore East, Killea, Co. Waterford

6A for a Will – 3 October 1855

8-                      9 October 1855

8B                     Audit Office 19 October 1855


Claim Admitted {illegible signature}

Certificate Examined 19 Oct 1855


I presume the application was approved but perhaps I need to look for another record which grants the pension. Interestingly the wife’s name is Mrs Charlotte Young suggesting Commander Matthew Young remarried after his first wife died in 1836.


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